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Certified Exchange Specialists®

Welcome to the Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES®) section of our website, an information resource designed specifically for Certified Exchange Specialists® who desire to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional standards.

About CES®

Go to this section if you are interested in learning more about the CES® designation, reading the CES® Code of Ethics or Policies and Procedures, or learning about the CES® Certification Council.

Become Certified

Go to this section if you want to learn what the CES® designation can mean to you and your employer or apply for certification.

CE Provider Corner

If you are interested in offering continuing education courses for CES® designees, go to this section to learn how to get approved, access approval letters and sign-in sheets, and schedule your courses.

Designee Center

If you already are a CES®, go to this section to access an array of tools and valuable information.  Here you will find a Marketing Vault filled with sample materials you can use to promote your own practice as well as help to spread the word about the CES® designation.  You can also get information about continuing education, access our handbook and newsletters, and communicate with your peers through our special bulletin board.  NOTE, this is a password-protected area and you must be a CES® designee.