Committee Overview

The Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) is the national trade association for 1031 exchange practitioners, and it is entirely a volunteer-based organization. We couldn’t do what we do without the assistance of the many FEA committees. The achievements of the FEA committees further the mission of the organization while providing networking and professional growth opportunities for members. All members are encouraged to join a committee and contribute to the success of the FEA.

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Affiliates Committee

Voice for affiliate members to the association with a focus on helping the current affiliates get more from their membership.

Communications/Marketing Committee

Promotes awareness of FEA, 1031 and Certified Exchange Specialist® (CES®) program to members and the industry through the newsletter, website, marketing materials, promotional efforts and public relations outreach.

Ian Bunje, CES®, [email protected] 

Conference Planning & Education Committee

Plans and helps organize the FEA Annual Conference, Mid-Year Meeting including the agenda, speakers/topics, sponsorships, site selection and budget.

Amanda Schmunk, Esq., [email protected]
EricBrecher, Esq.,CES ® [email protected] 

Education Committee

Plans and helps organize the spring/summer educational webinars, including the agenda, speakers/topics and delivery.

Craig Brown, [email protected] 

Ethics Committee

Administers and enforces FEA Code of Ethics.

MarissaLoCascio, CES® [email protected]
Contact[email protected]formoreinformationon committee involvement

Finance Committee

Oversees FEA’s financial activities, drafts budget, considers dues rates, reviews tax return.

Governmental Affairs Committee

Monitors legislative and regulatory activity at all governmental levels and advocates on behalf of the FEA. This Committee is divided into two sections: Federal and State.

Mary Cunningham, CES®, [email protected];
JimMillerEsq, James.[email protected]

Membership Committee

Promotes FEA membership and vets new member applications. Welcomes new members and serves as a resource to new and prospective members.

Toija Beutler, Esq. [email protected]

Albino Caporale, Esq., CES® [email protected]

Nominating Committee

Works to develop future leaders for FEA and recruit committee members for involvement.

Jeff Peterson, [email protected]

CES® Council

Administers the CES® exam process, manages the CES® mark, and educates the public on the value of the CES® designation.

Kelly Pearl CES®, kelly.[email protected]
Sarah Lindsay, CES® [email protected]